• Alem – American Oak


      American Oak table top with angled flat steel legs.

      Offering the perfect contrast between the black steel legs and light grain of the American Oak timber top, the Alem dining table adds style and sophistication to any dining area . Named after ‘Alem Avenue’, a main road connecting opposite ends of the city of Buenos Aires, the classic design of the Alem dining table ensures it will remain relevant and can be used for generations.

      Custom sizes and different timber tops/legs available.


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    • Centenario – Marri


      Marri timber table top with crossed design flat steel legs.

      Representing the perfect match between old and modern design, the Centenario dining table makes honour to its name which translates to ‘centenary’. Handcrafted with sustainably-sourced Marri timber, this dining table will definitely make an impression at a diner party. The black crossed legs provide a touch of classic country living that will enhance any home and lifestyle.

      Custom sizes/designs and different timber available.

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    • San Telmo – Marri


      Marri timber table top and legs.

      Taking its name from the ever popular and historic neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, the San Telmo dining table is the perfect representation of a classic design that remains relevant. The striking grain of the Marri timber along with the straight lines of the table frame and legs will suit any dining area, making the dining table the centre of attention.

      Custom sizes/designs and different timber available.

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    • Abasto – American Oak


      Modern dining table featuring American Oak top and matching legs with finger joints.

      Be captivated by the gravity of the Abasto timber dining table. Handcrafted from beautiful American Oak, this timber dining table features stylishly solid legs with artisanally finished finger joints. Combined with modern industrial or upholstered mid century, the Abasto timber dining table is sure to make an impact in your dining room space.

      Different sizes, timber tops/legs are available. 


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    • Palermo – Marri


      Marri timber top with black powder coated steel legs.

      Dramatic lines add sophistication to your dining space with the Palermo timber dining table. Combining industrial black powder coated steel legs with the neutral beauty of Marri timber, the Palermo timber dining table is a unique addition to any modern space looking for a focal point to their decor.

      Different sizes, timber and leg colour are also available.


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    Recycled timber dining tables

    Custom made timber dining tables in Melbourne

    Add a point of interest to your dining room with one of our custom timber dining tables. We offer a wide range of dining table options, catering for a variety of styles and budgets. Alternatively, we can work with you to bring your designs to life – no project is too big or small for our team!

    All our dining tables are made to order by our skilled team of furniture makers, customised to your needs in terms of dimensions, timber choice and budget. Fully handcrafted in Melbourne using locally sourced materials, you will be supporting your local industry while making a good choice for the environment and your family.

    Timber dining tables built with eco-friendly materials

    We are conscious about the environment and the need to minimise our footprint, to ensure forests are there for future generations to enjoy.At B.A. Furniture, we only use recycled timber or from Certified responsible sources, dealing only with suppliers who strictly adhere to a sustainable management of resources. We also use eco-friendly furniture finishes, based on natural oils and waxes, which are food safe and non-toxic.

    Timeless and quality dining table design

    Our range of timber dining tables are designed and built to stand the test of time. Using high quality materials and expert craftmanship, you can rest assured our dining tables will be enjoyed by generations.

    At B.A. Furniture, we take pride in our excellent craftsmanship and commitment to
    customer satisfaction. Whether it be assistance choosing a dining table design, checking out our work or discussing how we can meet your needs and budget, please contact us or visit our showroom and we’ll be happy to help!

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